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Learn a Little More About Bellinger

Bellinger House is known for its innovative and daring approach to design.

Founders Malene and Claus Bellinger began the journey in 2003 by creating innovative eyewear rich in color and design, with the mission of adding a new flavor to the eyewear industry: Eccentric. We are proud to say that Bellinger has succeeded to do so ever since and is still world-known for its unique eyewear that stands out from the crowd.

Bellinger House continues to seek out the newest design ideas, maintain the highest level of passion and joy, and remain unshakeable in its drive towards innovation. The company developed the world’s first carbon fiber eyewear collection under the name BLAC in 2008, and joined forces with the trendy Los Angeles based brand Entourage of 7 founded by Jakob Talbo in 2013.

Bellinger House is the corporate company – “the mother ship” behind our 3 brands:

Bellinger, BLAC and Entourage of 7. Our versatile portfolio provides our customers with the very best mix of collections to service an almost full palette of customer types and trends. We aim to supply our customers through the most flexible sales programs and profitable long-term partnerships.

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