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Learn A Little More About Eyeris

A company that offers you not only a high-quality daily contact lens, that meets the needs of 80% of your patient flow, but one that also understands the importance of today’s consumer needs, true relationship and branding. All aspects are rolled up into a business model and offering that keeps the patient earned revenues where they belong…. in your practice!

Much like TEC, Eyeris is committed to serving you, the independent EyeCare Professional. Not only do they offer a high-quality daily contact lens, but their business centers around keeping patients where they belong – in your practice! Be a part of the revolution in taking back your earned patient revenues… they were always yours, you have just gotten so used to losing them to 1(800) and the many new online companies that have no place in the Doctor-Patient relationship!
In sticking with our commitment to our members, TEC is offering the best-in-industry opportunity for your practice!