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In the SpotLight – Zeiss MEDITEC

Who is ZEISS Meditec?

The Eye Consortium (TEC) is proud to announce a strategic relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (ZEISS) as our exclusive advanced diagnostic equipment vendor partner. ZEISS is the partner that best fits with the TEC Mission, a philosophy of business acceleration, independence, profitability, and best-in-class differentiation.

ZEISS is one of the world’s leading innovators in the design and development of medical devices. ZEISS creates and supplies cutting-edge technologies and application-oriented solutions for the eye care space.

For more than 175 years, curiosity, passion and precision have been inspiring ZEISS, their customers, and their partners. Together, they have succeeded time after time in opening new perspectives, transforming major challenges into major opportunities, and making the impossible possible. Despite the many changes the world has seen over the past more than 175 years, one thing has stayed the same: together, they challenge the limits of their imagination.

The Advanced Diagnostics Company of Choice!

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