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December Tech Update

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Take the quiz: How vulnerable are you to cyber threats?

Are you putting your company at risk without knowing it? This security assessment will help you identify whether your cyber knowledge is up to par – or if you could use a little refresher. Take the next five minutes to see where you stand.

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Enable a Flexible Workforce

The ThinkCentre M70q Tiny desktop strikes a perfect balance between performance and footprint. Combining everything users want with the security and manageability capabilities businesses need.

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Talking 2022: Digital tools taking students into the future

Schools aren’t just about learning. They’re about machine learning, AI and blockchain. Here’s a list of the top tech trends hitting the playground and shaping student learning in 2022.

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Collaboration made easy no matter where you are

The ThinkPad E15 laptops are fast, secure and smart allowing you to get more done at home. Take your home productivity to another level with an alliance of function and efficiency.

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How dynamic care paths drive patient engagement and support better outcomes

A patient-centered digital care management platform functions as a kind of continuous feedback loop, serving as a virtual partner in the patient’s journey to better health.

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A workhorse with thoroughbred leanings

With an expansive 15.6-inch display and keyboard with a number pad, the ThinkPad T15 is a premium mobile workhorse for data-driven professionals whose technology needs aren’t confined to their desks.

Windows 10 Pro powers the world’s largest selection of business devices from leading manufacturers, creating a wide spectrum of devices that can meet the most exacting standards of performance, security, design, and experiences.

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About TEC

TEC is a philosophy, a high-level strategy that can be incorporated to accelerate any practice in any business environment. After years of watching profits erode and the commoditization of our dispensaries, a novel approach was imperative. Practice differentiation and the patient experience are keys to an independent and profitable practice. We did the work for you and aggregated the best-in-class, independent brands in our industry, known simply as TEC—The Eye Consortium.
We have taken it even further to create a comprehensive suite of solutions consisting of products and services for your practice to use to increase profitability and remain independent. We aim to ease the pain points that make running a business difficult and time-consuming, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your patients. Creating a community of like-minded business people allows us to curate a specialized group of vendor partners, focus on maintaining your unique environment, and increase your profitability.