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Meet Our Newest Vendor – OPTIPAK

The TEC Team is excited to announce our new vendor partner!

OPTIPAK is your personalized optical branding experience. For 15 years, they have offered a wide selection of stylish cases, high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths, lens cleaners, and a variety of bags. With a focus on customer relationships built on years of knowledge, trust, & support, OPTIPAK provides personalized service & reliable delivery! Whether you are a boutique, mom-and-pop store, or just want to have fun, you will find something you love.

As a TEC member, you have access to 3 OPTIPAK experiences:

You will also receive a special welcome gift from OPTIPAK:

For opening an account and placing your first order with OPTIPAK, you will receive:
  • 20 desk-mates personalized with your practice’s logo/info!
$160 VALUE
In addition, if you place a custom order, we will also include:
  • 100 large (12” x 14”) lab cloths with your logo printed for FREE!
$250 VALUE
To contact OPTIPAK directly, please call 866.928.0407 or email them directly at

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About TEC

TEC is a philosophy, a high-level strategy that can be incorporated to accelerate any practice in any business environment. After years of watching profits erode and the commoditization of our dispensaries, a novel approach was imperative. Practice differentiation and the patient experience are keys to an independent and profitable practice. We did the work for you and aggregated the best-in-class, independent brands in our industry, known simply as TEC—The Eye Consortium.
We have taken it even further to create a comprehensive suite of solutions consisting of products and services for your practice to use to increase profitability and remain independent. We aim to ease the pain points that make running a business difficult and time-consuming, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your patients. Creating a community of like-minded business people allows us to curate a specialized group of vendor partners, focus on maintaining your unique environment, and increase your profitability.