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In the Spotlight – Eyeris

Everything Matters at Eyeris

…but it’s what we don’t do that matters most!

A Breath of Fresh Air

A company that offers you not only a high-quality daily contact lens, that meets the needs of 80% of your patient flow, but one that also understands the importance of today’s consumer needs, true relationship, and branding. All aspects are rolled up into a business model and offering that keeps the patient earned revenues where they belong…. in your practice!

Be a part of the revolution in taking back your earned patient revenues… they were always yours, you have just gotten so used to losing them to 1(800) and the many new online companies that have no place in the Dr/Patient relationship! We give you the products and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that if you prescribe our product, you never have to worry about the majority of the supply purchase being lost to online middlemen.

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When disruption works in your favor!

Disruption is all around, and if we’re honest, we all enjoy it where it suits us. Why shouldn’t consumers enjoy the same conveniences when it comes to buying contact lenses. It’s why disruptors (enabled by the BIG 4) have been so successful because they understand consumer behavior.

Eyeris gives you the ability for your patients to enjoy all of those conveniences but pays you for every order that comes through our website as if you placed the order in your office. In fact, you make more – why? Because:

  • You don’t have the operational cost processing the order
  • You don’t pay the credit card fee, we do!

We also, with you in the mix every step of the way, maintain a relationship between annual visits with quarterly contact with the patient. Some of these communications include:

  • Looks like you’re running low – call your Dr (insert name) at (enter number)…
  • Time for your new Annual Exam, there are many benefits

Everything matters at Eyeris but it’s what we don’t do that matters most!

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And we market our lens like crazy!

Between social media avenues like Facebook and Instagram Eyeris has one of the largest outreaches of any contact lens company with a broad catalog of consumer commercials.

Click here to view over 40 professional-grade commercials that advertise the Eyeris Daily Lens in our media showcase!