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Eco Eyewear


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eco sustainable


To celebrate Earth Day, our Better for the planet campaign is doubling up and planting 2 trees for every purchased frame.
Thank you for helping us plant more than 2.5 million trees – together we can make a difference!

Frames that matter

Eco is all about thinking new. Not only when it comes to the design, but also for the materials we use. To create our biobased frames, castor seeds are turned into castor seed oil and then pellets, which make up a big part of our biobased material. Our recycled frames are crafted using 95% recycled metal. Now that’s
a serious saving on natural resources! The latest member in the material family is Eco Ocean, created from recycled ocean based plastic. So far, we’ve cleared over 30 tons – because plastic has no place in the ocean! And last but not least: all of our cases and packaging are of course made from sustainable materials like cornstarch and recycled PET. Join us today – because all big changes come in the form of many small ones!

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About TEC

TEC is a philosophy, a high-level strategy that can be incorporated to accelerate any practice in any business environment. After years of watching profits erode and the commoditization of our dispensaries, a novel approach was imperative. Practice differentiation and the patient experience are keys to an independent and profitable practice. We did the work for you and aggregated the best-in-class, independent brands in our industry, known simply as TEC—The Eye Consortium.
We have taken it even further to create a comprehensive suite of solutions consisting of products and services for your practice to use to increase profitability and remain independent. We aim to ease the pain points that make running a business difficult and time-consuming, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your patients. Creating a community of like-minded business people allows us to curate a specialized group of vendor partners, focus on maintaining your unique environment, and increase your profitability.